Friday, January 13, 2006

Okay, under the covers for the next four years

I am seriously considering forming a firewall around all of the lefties and queer people I know ... a sort of warm fuzzy blanket that we can hide under, plug our ears and repeat "this is not really happening" over and over again, to the strains of progressive hip hop music by Michael Franti and K'naan. It will be like a giant lesbian potluck -- yes, you can all bring your cats. We can live together in harmony and pretend that people like Stockwell Day and Cheryl Gallant don't exist ... but we can't.

Those of us that toil in the offices of progressive-minded NGOs are lucky enough to hang out in the left wing bubble, where we all assume that everyone should have access to public health care, and of course poverty is a bad thing, and that universal social programs are better than $2 in our pockets at tax time, and climate change is not just a conspiracy (and on and on).

But the newspaper headlines are now announcing the possibility of a Stephen Harper majority, and I am sick to my stomach at the thought of re-opening the abortion debate (I mean seriously? They actually want to control women's ovaries again?), and the fact that the LGBT community will have to keep slogging away at the same sex marriage fight (which we were all happy to win and abandon in July) ... it's enough to make you want to move to Canada ... ah ... that's right, we are in Canada. But we might not believe it on Jan. 23rd.

So, what are we to do?

Well, for one thing, don't even think about voting "strategically." It doesn't work. Here is an explanation why. The best we can do is vote for the candidates that represent our values, and then spend the next four years making sure they stick to their election promises. You know what this means, girls .... meetings. Lots of meetings. Meetings to plan demonstrations. Meetings to put up posters. Meetings to discuss strategy. Meanings to discuss the true definition of "consensus." Endless "go arounds." But just think of them as potlucks, and you'll feel like you also have some semblance of a social life.

Let's just hope for a minority government. That might wipe the smarmy grin off of Harper's face for a few minutes, and give citizens an opportunity to have some effect.

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