Monday, January 30, 2006

War is Peace. Right is Left.

It's already started! Be on the lookout for the reframing of progressive movements to suit the new right-wing wave. All of the pretty young things on the Hill are soooo post-feminist. Affirmative action is like soooo discriminatory. Caring about social programs is soooo 30 years ago. Yeah right.

I am never sure whether to respond to the most vitriolic anti-queer, anti-feminist stuff that I read in the mainstream press. I figure that the pundits have the media as their pulpit, and all I have is this humble blog. But I also think that we've become so immune to this crap, that it doesn't even get us angry anymore. I mean, how many times in the last few weeks have the newspapers referred to the Reform Party as "grassroots"? The Conservative party was all over the blogging and podcasting during the election, using the tools developed by the alternative media to broadcast a backlash against the very people who pioneered the use of the internet for "grassroots" organizing.

Okay, two things that made my blood boil:

1. In the same issue of Maclean's that printed Barbara Amiel's ode to gay marriage, there was another gem. An article by Marc Steyn titled: The war on terror is the real women's issue. Believe it or not, he argues that North American feminists should stop whining because there is really nothing left for us to fight for. Apparently we've neutered North American males, and should be concentrating our energy on supporting Bush's War on Terror, so we can liberate Muslim women by bombing the shit out of their communities.

I am not kidding.

And just in case you might be inclined to agree with Steyn's assessment, you should read this.

I love it when white men write about feminism.

2. Outrage #2 comes courtesy of my co-worker, who spit up her breakfast this morning, reading the Globe and Mail's profile of Conservative MP James Moore. Apparently Moore's two idols are Martin Luther King Jr. And PRESTON MANNING. And he compares the two men! He sees the Reform Party's opposition to affirmative action as somehow championing the ideals that Dr. King fought for.

To quote dear Meera "Considering that less than 13% of the Conservative Party candidates who ran in the last election were women, Mr. Moore has a lot of nerve to dismiss the NDP quota system as discriminatory. The right-wing notion that compensatory measures such as quotas constitute a form of racial or gender discrimination against the dominant group, is not only misinformed, it is dangerous. By suggesting that all Canadians should be judged by the content of their character alone, Moore implies that it is a flaw in "character" that has prevented women and minorities from gaining access to power."

I predict that there will be a lot more spitting up of breakfast over the morning newspaper in the coming weeks. I should buy a bib.

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