Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Meetinged out -- already!

Geez, Harper was only sworn in on Monday, and I've already spent 21 hours in meetings since then. I know that all of the talking is an important component of the work, but it sure is draining ....

One of the great things that I got to participate in is a workshop on creative campaigning led by Andrew Boyd, formerly of United for a Fair Economy in the United States, and the central architect behind Billionaires for Bush. Lots of good activist food for thought .... I'm thinking we should start a new Lesbians for Toews campaign ... we could hold up signs saying things like "We bow to the moral majority" and "Filibuster me baby." We could dress like church ladies, and flagellate ourselves in front of his office. But I digress ...

I had hoped to post an in-depth analysis of the new Cabinet this week, but all of that, um, meeting got in the way. But Gareth Kirkby over at Capital Xtra did a great job of pointing out two key whackos who will now be leading this country.

I will have more to say after I recover from all of the strategic chatter I've been participating in. But remember girls, I warned you.

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