Wednesday, February 15, 2006


For those in Ottawa ....

Don't leave our families out in the cold!

Thurs. Feb. 16th, gather at Human Right Monument on Elgin St. at 6:00 pm

Tomorrow (Thurs. Feb. 16th) is the official launch of the Institute of Marriage & Family Canada, a new lobbying group set up by Focus on the Family, a far-right group based in the United States led by James Dobson, who advocates such views as:

* a "war" on equal marriage
* referring to abortion as "the baby holocaust"
* establishing "abstinence only" sexual health programs
* conversion therapy for gay, lesbian and bisexual people through the organization's frequent "Love Won Out" seminars
* a stance against universal child care (or many other social programs for that matter)

While this new Institute has attempted to strike a moderate tone, its intentions are clear:

* to turn back the clock on equal marriage for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans-identified people
* to use the marriage debate as a launching pad to reverse other rights and freedoms we have won for our communities
* to prevent the establishment of universal childcare programs

Join us at the Human Rights Monument, TOMORROW at 6 pm to demonstrate that Canada supports an inclusive definition of "family."

Don't leave our community out in the cold!

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