Friday, March 24, 2006

Division in the ranks (again)

This is just what we need, eh?

Okay, so let me get this straight. Buzz does the most idiotic thing he's ever done, flinging his arms around Paul Martin -- not once, but twice -- during the federal election. He gives him the fucking CAW leather jacket, and urges people to vote strategically.

This, of course, pisses off the NDP, and the executive of the Ontario branch promptly expels Buzz from the party. They tell him he can come back, only if he announces that he's been a very, very bad boy, and promises not to do it again.

And then today, the CAW tells its members not to support the NDP.

Boys, boys, boys. Since when did the fight for social justice become your personal cockfight? We have the most right-wing Prime Minister in history, and all of you refuse to play nice. So now we have a fractured Liberal party and a divided left-wing movement to help carry Harper to a majority in the next election.


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