Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The immorality of the moral majority

Another tidbit on why supporting the new Afghan government is no better than throwing money at the Taliban ...

The international community (including the Canadian government) is furious at the new Afghan government for prosecuting Abdul Rahman for converting to Christianity. According to the CBC,

Rahman, 41, is now in jail in Afghanistan and faces the death penalty unless he agrees to convert back to the faith in which he was raised, said the judge at the Shariah court ... "We will invite him again [to renounce Christianity] because the religion of Islam is one of tolerance," trial judge Ansarullah Mawlazezadah told the BBC on Sunday. "We will ask him if he has changed his mind. If so, we will forgive him.
Now of course I agree that this is horrendous (and another example of why the notion that this is somehow a democratic government is a total myth), but what the media hasn't been reporting is that "Homosexuality, "lesbianism," and conversion to faiths such as Judaism or Buddhism are also punishable by death." Believe it or not, this tidbit came from the American national security journal The American Thinker .

So let me get this right ... persecution of Christians elicits international outrage, but persecution of Jews and queer people elicits no response.

Is this what they mean by "the moral majority?"

Thanks to Gilles for this tidbit.


Queer As Moi said...

Good point. Moral monopoly, perhaps?

I think the danger with charging into a country and overturning the present order is, sure, you can force a new order to be created, but whom will it benefit? Will it fix any problems overall? And we didn't have to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to learn that lesson - history knows it well.

Sure, the Taliban were not a great regime to live under. And they were only in power because of American actions in the first place. The preceding regime in Afghanistan was, I presume, pretty bad too. But any country needs to have the opportunity to let its own positive movements take hold, to allow its people to imagine the country they want to live in and make it happen. Having the government overhauled by force every decade or two is never going to let that happen.

Anonymous said...

I think that we don't need war all it is. is causing more people to lose their lives especially the innocent. The reason I think bush wants the war is because his father stupid ass father couldn't win or fucking handle the war. Shit!!!! I hate war. Can't wait until i'm president.