Tuesday, March 14, 2006

More critical perspectives on Afghanistan

Antonia Zerbisias posted some sharp criticism of how the media lapped up Harper's visit to Kandahar on her blog. My favourite snippet:

Consider: "Before its liberation, under the Taliban regime, Afghanistan often served as an incubator for Al Qaeda and other terror organizations. This reality hit home with brutal force on 9/11, when two dozen Canadians lost their lives suddenly and senselessly in the destruction of the World Trade Center." While the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11 were a terrible tragedy, this mission is not about payback. Or is it? And for what exactly?
Peggy Mason from the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre argues that the military's strategy in Afghanistan "seems certain to ensure that ordinary Afghans — just like ordinary Canadians — will find it almost impossible to distinguish between the war-fighters and the peacebuilding forces."

On the other hand, James Laxer says Canada should get out of Afghanistan "for an old-fashioned, even politically incorrect, reason. It is not in our interest to put our young men and women in harm's way in a struggle that will not be won."

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Bleu Bard said...

Just found your site and love it. So glad there are some intelligent and liberal voices in Canada!

Down with South Dakota and Bush. He believes preemptive war is his right (and without giving legitimate reasons), but with his extremely low approval rating, NO ONE is going into Iran with him, and we all know that's what's next.