Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Frightening bedfellows

Okay, so admittedly, I've been in the depths of denial for weeks. The sun has been shining, and I've been content to use my recreation time to get in shape, in an effort to kick my butt into gear (so I can be a more effective ass-kicking activist).

But oh my god, the spitting up of breakfast has begun again. Did you catch this gem in the Globe and Mail this morning? Stephen Harper is teaming up with "social conservative" groups to help promote his "child care" tax cut. The groups include the REAL Women of Canada, the Institute for Canadian Values, and the Canada Family Action Coalition.

Now, I have provided links to all of these groups above, and I wrote about them in a previous post. But I thought I would share some choice quotes from these organizations -- especially what they have to say about women and the "homosexual agenda." Now remember, Harper is actively courting these groups, and encouraging them to promote government-sponsored policies ...

1) From the REAL Women (dedicated to keeping women in the kitchen, ardent defenders of all things patriotic, paternalistic and patriotic):

On the civil service:

Similarly, many in the civil service will not be willing to be neutral despite their claims to the contrary. This is especially true in regard to the Departments of Justice and Foreign Affairs, where feminist/lesbian/homosexuals have dominated the policy decision-making positions for several years. Many of these latter see their role in government as promoting the "progressive" agenda of the left in government policy. They will not quietly depart, but will remain on, if at all possible, to fight any changes in a conservative direction. We can expect their attempting to undermine the Conservatives by such actions, for example, as arranging significant leaks to the media, which will be ready and willing to raise controversy over any changes in the left agenda.

On affirmative action:

REAL WOMEN, however, is opposed to the concept of enforced affirmative action which includes female "quotas". These in fact become job ceilings for women, preventing them from obtaining jobs once the quota is filled. To give women this "preferential" treatment on the basis only of their sex, is unfair, and is reverse discrimination against qualified males as well as minority groups such as ethnics and native people.


Facts, however, never stand in the way of the liberal and sexually liberated members of the international AIDS establishment, including Mr. Lewis. They believe that sexual promiscuity can be made "safe" via a tiny piece of latex. The UN's and Mr. Lewis's love affair with condoms knows no bounds.

2) From the Canadian Family Action Coalition (my favourite heading on their site is "sodomy is sodomy is sodomy"):

On gay marriage:

Legalized homosexual "marriage," touted as a civil right, will open doors for some ugly transformations. What is criminalized now will then become legal. Polygamy, man/boy marriage, brother/sister marriage, human/animal marriage and other absurdities could become legal. Is this what we want?

On anti-discrimination initiatives in schools:

Be aware that such topics as family diversity or anti-bullying are used as a cover to romote the homosexual agenda. It's important to state in your letter that you object to your child being involved in any presentation which portrays homosexuality as a ormal, equal lifestyle choice. Because many school boards have a so-called "equity" policy on homosexuality, it will always be portrayed sympathetically.

Okay, okay, enough of their dribble. But you get the point, right?

Harper is using this day care issue as the thin edge of the wedge. He's relying on these INSANE groups to help him promote his agenda, and telling them to lay low till he gets a majority. Then they can work with him to unleash their vision on Canada ...

Scary stuff. But don't take it from me. Spend a few minutes on these groups' websites. Then let me know what you're gonna do about it.

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