Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jack, what are you thinking?

Okay, I was all ready to go to sleep, and then I caught our smug new PM in an interview about the throne speech with Peter Mansbridge. Peter mentioned that Jack Layton had glowing things to say about the speech (I know, I actually gagged when I read this). Harper said that Jack had met with him, and one of the things he asked for was a review of the Environmental Protection Act.

Is he INSANE? He actually requested that THIS government overhaul the centrepiece of Canada's environmental laws? I mean, I'm sure the EPA is not perfect, but what gains could possibly be made for the environment during the tenure of a ruling party that actually opposes the Kyoto agreement? And this burns even more, given that the Conservatives just axed the One Tonne Challenge, and a whole bunch of other climate change-related programs.

I wrote about NDP partisan myopia in a previous post, and it's late and I want to go to bed right now, but for god's sake ... when will the NDP get with the program, and out of election mode?

Yeah, yeah, we know that you want to "make Parliament work." But your job is to be the voice of opposition. Could you please stop making Harper look like a nice guy who means well? Please?

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an older sister said...

Mr Layton disappoints. When Mr Harper was struggling with Mr Manning for control of the Reform vehicle, he undermined Mr Mannning's push to use the environment as the one issue to INCLUDE disaffected Tories, Liberals & others.