Monday, June 12, 2006

Supreme Court 9-5 all this week ... be there

For those of you in Ottawa ...

The participants from the Caravan of Hope -- the people who travelled from Toronto to Ottawa to protest against security certificates -- will be holding demonstrations and vigils on the lawn of the Supreme Court of Canada, all of this week, from 9 am to 5 pm. I had the pleasure of hearing an impassioned speech by Matthew Behrens, one of the organizers of the Campaign to End Security Certificates. I also got to meet Sophie Harkat, who has cause for celebration today, because her husband has just been released on bail after over 3 years in prison. He still doesn't have access to the charges or evidence being used against him. Neither do the other members of the Secret Trial Five.

If you can drop by any time between 9 and 5 from Tuesday to Friday this week, the demonstrators would appreciate your support (address is 301 Wellington St.).

Also, the organizers are looking for volunteers to provide child care:

We are trying to line up some on-site childcare for the Jaballah and Mahjoub children on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this in Ottawa. The families will be in town to attend the Supreme Court hearings of the constitutionality of security certificates (security certificates on trial!). Childcare would involve taking a shift of four hours, between 9am and 1pm or 1 and 5pm, on any of the days and remaining with the children on the lawn of the Supreme Court building with the vigil. There are four kids: Ali, Osama, Ibrahim and Yusef, all between 8 and 10. Also Afnan, Ali and Osama's older sister, about 13, who can help look after them as well. Their mothers and older brothers will be there as well, but the childcare would allow their moms the freedom to do other stuff, as they will be busy with media and may want to go into the court. The lawn is a big open space, so lots of place for games! It might be necessary, if it is raining, to bring them back to the hotel or to the nearby Bronson centre.

Contact Mary Foster at, if you are willing/able to provide child care.

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