Friday, August 25, 2006

Shameless plug

Some of you might have heard all sorts of contradictory things coming out of the recent annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Association in Charlottetown.

The organization that I work for was really involved in "on the ground" actions to convince doctors that privatization of health care is a very bad idea. We aren't thrilled with the results of the meeting ( posted a good analysis here), but we did make amazing connections with pro-medicare doctors.

Here's a link to a blog from Charlottetown, so give you a sense of what went down.

And here is a link to a website with lots of materials that you can read and distribute to your doctors and friends.

This announcement was brought to you by Dykes Against Harper and the letter C.

Happy Pride!

Hi everyone,

Pride celebrations have finished in most of Canada, but Ottawa Pride heats up this weekend.

Click here for a list of fun events this weekend.

And just because Harper and his ilk are so anti-sex, I though I'd share this delightful video with all of you. I just saw a great comedy show with Vancouver's The Wet Spots. If only high school sex ed class was this much fun!

In pride and solidarity,


Thursday, August 17, 2006

An ode to booing -- and fighting back

I know, I know ... long time no blog. But the days are getting shorter (gasp), and Parliament will rise soon -- and so will this blog.

In the meantime, here are three recent articles I wrote for Capital Xtra, after returning from the incredible Outgames LGBT Human Rights Conference in Montreal:

1) Building a worldwide gay rights movement
2) Queer youth lead the way; and
3) Putting up a fight (this would be my rumination on "l'affaire Fortier")

Now, the irony is not lost on me that after Harper's predictable absence from the human rights conference, that he's now a no-show at the biggest AIDS conference ever staged. But what's even better is that the Conservatives are now holding back on any announcement regarding AIDS funding, and the future of an innovative safe injection site in Vancouver which just happens to be SAVING LIVES.

Shame shame shame.

But at least they now know that queers and our allies will not take their bullshit sitting down. I love how the CBC reported that Harper wants to wait for the 30,000 delegates at the AIDS conference to return to their respective countries, before making any sort of announcement. Because god forbid another government official could get booed. That would be twice in the same month. And get this ... he is rumoured to has said that it's because the issue (AIDS, I presume) has become TOO POLITICIZED.

Uh, too politicized for a bunch of career politicians?

Shame shame shame shame.