Friday, September 08, 2006

Consider me flattered -- and puzzled

Wow, thanks to Capital Xtra for running such a gushing profile of me. Although I find it hilarious that the reporter found me to be "demure" and "bookish." I don't think I've ever hear those two words used together -- or to describe me. But seriously, I feel very humbled. Thanks Kacie and Gareth.

And here is my latest column -- a special letter to Vic Toews, our esteemed Minister of Justice. Bleh.

Later this week I'll post some links to the various sources I quote in my column. If you're also scared about the extreme makeover of our criminal justice system that's underway, send a letter to your MP. Please.


she7 said...

Sometimes you are just surprised of how people see you. Anyways, you deserve more positive comments than you already have. Keep it up!

Lynne & Carmen said...

Dear Ariel,
You are quite amazing and seem to be able to get a story published in Extra. I am not sure where you get your energy but keep it up. I would like to contact you otherwise to find out what might be a good strategy to get something pusblished in Extra. See below for a blurb on our project but there is more to it than that. The Canadian military barred us from advertising in their newspapers: even an ordinary paid-in-cash classified ad was not allowed. If you are inclined please contact me, it would be appreciated. Lynne

We are two university researchers (Dr. Carmen Poulin, Professor at University of New Brunswick & Lynne Gouliquer, Retired CF member and PhD student at McGill University). We are conducting a research project investigating the experiences of GLBT - gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered - Canadian Armed Forces service members and those of their Same-Sex Partners. We are currently conducting interviews with any one from these groups (confidentiality is guaranteed). HOWEVER, WE ARE ESPECIALLY TRYING TO GET IN CONTACT WITH ANY LESBIANS AND GAY MEN WHO WERE DISCHARGED FROM THE CF FOR HOMOSEXUALITY IN THE PAST, AND THE SAME-SEX PARTNERS OF THEM AT THAT TIME. Little is known about these stories and experiences and our research aims to fill this gap. We feel that the viewpoints of all GLBT soldiers and their Partners will provide a richer and deeper understanding of Canadian military history. This research will also inform institutions who are concerned with diversity and inclusiveness issues of minority groups. Our contact information is Contact (506)458-7800

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your column in Xtra. Without it I might never have stumbled across your blog, and I'm quite enjoying it :) Looking forward to more posts.