Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Made-in-Canada lunacy

It it weren't for the trusty Hill Times, I would have missed this frightening tidbit.

Guess who Rona Ambrose just hired as her chief of staff? Darrel Reid, former president of Focus on the Family.

All you need to do is spend 5 minutes on the organization's website, and you can get the drift. The group maintains that homosexual people can be "converted" through therapy, and its American leader, James Dobson, has referred to abortion as a "baby holocaust."

The link between right-wing evangelicals and the fight against climate change recently solidified in the U.S., when 86 religious leaders (including Dobson) signed a letter demanding action on global warning.

This actually represents an about-face, because for many years, some in the more loony fringes of the fire-and-brimstone community had actually welcomed global warming, hoping to hasten Earth's destruction and make room for the re-birth of Christ. I kid you not. Maude Barlow provides more specific background on the connection between End Day Fundamentalists and opposition to environmental laws in the U.S., in her book Too Close for Comfort: Canada's Future within Fortress North America.

It seems that the hiring of Reid must be a strategic move, aimed at shoring up support for Ambrose's "made in Canada" solution to climate change (otherwise known as the destruction of the Kyoto Accord, and the introduction of "voluntary" emissions targets that no one will actually have to follow). This month's issue of This Magazine has an excellent article about how industry-sponsored big PR companies manufactured doubt about the science behind climate change, leading to the erosion of support for solutions (like Kyoto) that could have cut into corporate profits.

And now for a quote from the man himself ...

In several Focus on the Family publications Reid refers to gay marriage advocates as "anti-family," yet in a 2002 press release he applauded the Ontario Court of Appeal's decision that parents should be allowed to spank their parents as "resounding victory for families." Hmmm, so equality is not a family value, but spanking is?

Yes folks, this is the person who will be running the Office of the Minister of the Environment.


electgerardkennedy said...

That is scary. How long will it take Canadians to wake up and see just how much damage a Conservative government can actually do?

Anonymous said...

It amazes me how Harper thinks he can sneek anti-gay leaders into the government and nobody will notices. Dr. James Dobson Focus on the Family is the Lesbian and Gay Task Forces (US) enemy number 1.