Friday, September 08, 2006

A rare victory -- and Zucchinis for Peace!

Wow, we have to celebrate the small victories when we see them. Apparently, the federal government has bowed to public pressure, and will let the INSITE safe injection site continue in Vancouver for another 18 months. Here's Libby Davies' take on the story.

And here's a link to a hilarious and fun anti-war action from Homes not Bombs. Send zucchinis, not missiles, to Afghanistan. A snippet from their call-out:

CANADA SHOULD SEND FOOD, NOT BOMBS, TO AFGHANISTAN We are most often told that the main reason the Canadian military is in Afghanistan is to help the
Afghan people. Many Afghan people are starving. It is time to send massive amounts of food aid, not massive amounts of bullets and bombs.

The Power of A Symbol
Politicians are often unable to grasp the meaning of words, and require symbols to help them out. We have seen in the past few years stunning examples of Homes not Bombs campaigns that have succeeded in employing the noble zucchini in the cause of peace. We have argued that successive war ministers' confused sexual desires to launch phallic-shaped missiles would be more safely directed if phallic-shaped zucchinis were sent instead.

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Comrade Jim said...

Hi Arial,

We hae an injecting room here in Sydney as well and its a filthy mess.

Drug addicts vomitting outsite, crime, violence.

Wish it was as peaceful as Afghanistan.