Monday, October 02, 2006

Actions against Conservative cuts

When I posted last week about the loss of the Court Challenges program, I neglected to include a complete list of all of the things that were slashed. Here it is. Other programs that were either slashed or eliminated, include the Law Commission of Canada, Status of Women Canada, funding for adult literacy, and for aboriginal health programs.

The Disabled Women's Network has posted an online action demanding the return of Court Challenges. You can find it here.

One of the organizations that will be the most affected by the loss of Court Challenges is Egale Canada. Click here to donate to Egale -- the organization is going to have to scrape together a lot of cash to fight Harper's government in court over the next while.

And a breath of sanity from the amazing Linda McQuaig, who has always been able to put debt hysteria into perspective and remind us about what governments are supposed to do: use our tax dollars to fund programs that improve people's lives.

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