Thursday, October 19, 2006

I love Stitch and Bitchers, I swear!

To all the crafty dykes out there -- I didn't write the headline for my latest column in Capital Xtra! I think you are all marvelous. You actually have useful skills -- you can build and make things. I can write and think about things. Maybe we could form a global movement of crafty and un-crafty feminists banding together to kick this Conservative government's ass.

And speaking of ass, I just above threw my alarm clock clear across my bedroom at 7:00 this morning, when I woke up to a sound bite from Stephen Harper's speech at a B'nai Brith event. In introducing the PM, Frank Diamant said something like "the Prime Minister is like a gift from the almighty."

To my wonderful Jewish reliatives and friends. DON'T FALL FOR IT. I know that Harper is professing a love of Israel, but that doesn't exonerate him from trampling over all sorts of minority groups in Canada. And besides, the end-day fundamentalists are convinced that we are all going to hell anyway -- Jews, queers, pretty much anyone who hasn't been "saved."

But more on that later ...

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