Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Say what you will about the benefits of marriage, but we can't let Harper and his cronies undo a victory we've already won ... and click here to read Ivan E. Coyote's chronicle of a lesbian dream wedding. Then tell me how love like this somehow dismantles and institution that is already in serious disrepair ...


After almost a year of waiting, it's now virtually certain that a vote on Mr. Harper's motion to re-open the divisive equal marriage debate will take place in December, likely the week of December 4. Last week, following a CEM press conference urging the Prime Minister not to break his promise of a fall vote, Justice Minister Vic Toews told reporters the vote would take place before Parliament breaks for the holidays on December 15. He said "The prime minister has made a commitment and he will honour that commitment."

Meanwhile, on November 9, over 40 religious leaders signed the "Declaration on Marriage" and sent it to all MPs and Senators (see it at http://www.evangelicalfellowship.ca/social/marriage.asp). They have been mobilizing their congregations, especially focusing on 50 MPs who are most likely to change their votes.

We're hearing from some MPs that in the last few weeks they've seen a huge increase in correspondence from equal marriage opponents and are not hearing from those of us who are against re-opening. It's important that they hear from us too!!Our task now is to shore up our support and ensure that Mr. Harper's regressive motion is defeated by the widest possible margin. That's because following the defeat of his motion we want Mr. Harper to publicly state that the issue is settled. The wider the margin, the greater the chance of getting him to admit that this issue is settled, not just in this Parliament, but for good! If he doesn't admit that it's settled, then it's an election issue. AGAIN!!

It's time to take re-opening off the political agenda, so that equality opponents will lose any ability to de-legitimize our marriages. It's simply unfair for this to continue, and for LGBT people to have to go on defending our marriages, our families and our sexual orientation and gender identity.Please go to www.equal-marriage.ca/election.php and contact your MP. In these final days, the best way to do that is to call their constituency office, which is a local call.

You can find your MP's phone number on our website or at http://www.parl.gc.ca/information/about/people/house/PostalCode.asp?Language=E.

Phone calls really get noticed, they take only a minute or two, and all you have to say is something like "I support equal marriage and urge [MP's name] to vote against re-opening this divisive debate. Over 12,000 same-gender couples have been married in Canada and that hasn't hurt anyone. It's time to move on."

We know a strong majority of MP's currently intend to vote against re-opening, but if all they hear in the lead-up to the vote are calls to "restore traditional marriage" some of them may get scared and change their mind. Memories are short, so even if you've already contacted your MP, it's important to contact them again, and to do so immediately.Please visit www.equal-marriage.ca/election.php today to contact your MP.

Of course, please don't stop there. Please take all four of our action steps, including making a donation to Canadians for Equal Marriage. Our strength depends on you, and every donation counts!Please take action today, so that we don't lose any MPs to the huge mobilization now being put on by groups like the Evangelical Fellowship, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, Defend Marriage and many others.

We want this issue settled once and for all, and a decisive defeat of Mr. Harper's motion to re-open will do just that. Let's give it all we can!!

Yours truly,

Laurie Arron
National Coordinator, Canadians for Equal Marriage

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