Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sex workers are our neighbours

Hello dear readers,

I back now after a couple of weeks of much-needed rest. I might be slow to re-start the blog engine, but here's a taste of what I've been thinking about lately. My latest column for Capital Xtra focuses on how sex workers are treated in my neighbourhood and by the arm of the law.

To read the full report of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights' solicitation subcommittee, click here.

And check out the website of two amazing sex workers' rights groups -- Stella (Montreal) and the Sex Professionals of Canada.


Caro, sugarless since 2001, mommaless since 1997 said...

Also check out Canada's (Exotic) Dancers' Equal Rights Association.

Daniel Fox said...

Hey Ariel,

Just found your blog; great to hear what you're up to!

Cheers! :^)