Friday, January 19, 2007

Supreme Court rules against Little Sister's

This is really too bad. With the Court Challenges program gone, it will now be virtually impossible for people or small businesses to take these kinds of human rights complaints to court.

In a 7-2 ruling, the Court refused to order advance funding to a Vancouver gay and lesbian bookstore, saying the challenge to Canada Customs is too narrow and insignificant to the broad public interest to justify such an unusual move. [...]

In the broader picture, however, a wide spectrum of groups had seen the decision as potentially reaching far beyond the issue of censorship. They saw it as potentially offering a vital leg up to any litigant who was attempting to take an important issue to court yet lacked the financial backing.

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Queer As Moi said...

This even makes my libertarian roommate's blood boil. It's such a sad day and now that I am part for the community here, I can only wonder what will happen next to the store itself. They're absolutely amazing.