Friday, April 13, 2007

60 reasons to dump Harper

Hello dear readers,

This blog has become a bit of a static archive as of late. I've been posting more over at BlogThis, so I suggest you check it out. I assume that this blog will heat up if an election is called any time soon.

In the meantime, check out's 60 reasons to dump Harper. And keep going back, as they'll be posting a new reason every day.

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Anonymous said...

Cool blog. I like the list, except #54 (re. the Black and Blue). Pink Triangle Press shouldn’t be stumping for the gay drug circuit that way, even if it's a crowd-pleaser. Cancelling federal subsidies for a cash-bloated week-long drug-fest doesn’t belong on the same rap sheet as, say, the Harper government's cancellation of the new Portrait Gallery, its renegging on the Kelowna Accord, and its gutting of cultural projects. If people want to do the afterhours / circuit scene, fine. But unreported “spin off” revenues around this event must run in the millions, and this 'other money' isn’t exactly going to charity. Let’s face it, the B&B is an annual windfall for organized crime. Give the $47,000 to Pride groups instead. They need it.

Moreover, ‘circuit culture’ has wrought a lot of damage within the community, and this isn’t recognized nearly enough in queer media (which promotes it relentlessly). Actually, I’m somewhat amazed that this event is officially endorsed by the tourism ministries in both Quebec City and Ottawa. In my humble opinion, the gay drug-circuit phenomenon (of which Montreal's Black & Blue is one of the most successful) has been an unmitigated disaster for genuine gay culture and urban gay communities clear across North America over the past decade. Being open-minded and non-judgmental about individual recreational drug use is one thing, but the gay press could stand to be a little less cozy with this phenomenon. There’s a lot of nasty stuff that goes on which most people never see. As always, diligent critical thinking needs to take precedence over the cheerleading and “community consolidation” efforts of the gay press where the gay drug scene is concerned.

Just my two cents (and not directed at you personally) Keep fighting the good fight.