Thursday, May 17, 2007

Gay rights are children's rights

Gay rights are children's rights
WORLD WITHIN / Uncovering the family first rhetoric

The cat's out of the bag. Lesbian mothers are just as good, if not better for children, than heterosexual parents, according to a study commissioned by the federal justice department in 2003. The report only surfaced last week, after its author, Paul Hastings from Concordia University, obtained it under the Access to Information Act.

You see, it's no surprise that Stephen Harper's Conservative government wanted to suppress the report, which references about 100 studies on parenting and demonstrates that children living with two mothers are no worse off than kids living with a mom and a dad. In fact, they may even have marginally better social skills.

But this kind of information really pisses of the fundamentalists and so-called ethicists like Margaret Somerville who choose to ignore any empirical data that contradicts their bunk argument that gay and trans rights ignore "children's rights."

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Hi there

Well it took me some time to repsond but I wanted to say thank you for bringing a smile to my face while I was reading this article in Capital XTRA.

I am one of the residents on that "queerest street" in your neighbourhood and realized that we are part of King James'(the child you spoke of in the article as he is referred to on the street) extended family. His father (a straight man) was amused at the reference to his son being made in the article and was glad that we brought it to his attention because he would never had seen otherwise.

One item that I was going to correct you on was the use of the term "polyamorous" being used to describe us, but then I realized two things: first, you may not have been referring to my partners and I in the article, and second, since this concept is still very new, there truly is no definitive definition for the word itself.

We three refer to ourselves as a polyfidelity trio, meaning that we are three in a committed and closed relationship with the other two. This definition however is also subject to interpretation due to the relatively new idea that it is attempting to define.

All that to say, great article. It has certainly made us think and not just about the central idea of your article.

the 3 boys