Thursday, June 28, 2007

No justice, no peace ...

.... f$#k the police. At least, that's the slogan they used to chant at all of the anti-police brutality demos in Montreal.

I would say that my analysis is a bit more nuanced than that. I do think that it's important for the queer community to keep an open line of communication with the cops. That's how we help scuttle bathhouse raids and arbitrary arrests. But how close is too close? Where's the fine line between sharing our issues with the police, and allowing them to co-opt our concerns and tell us how to react?

I touch on these questions in my latest column for Capital Xtra. There's also a really interesting piece in the Toronto edition of the paper, about a proposal in Toronto that all queer community reps to the liaison committee be subject to police checks. Predictably, this proposal is getting a universal thumbs down from the LGBT community.

But now for some late-breaking good news on the Dixie Landers case. The Ottawa Police have made two arrests ...keep checking for updates as more info becomes available.

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