Thursday, July 03, 2008


In case you haven't noticed, the blog is more or less on hiatus, perhaps to be launched under a new name some time in the future. It has become a repository for my columns, which you can read over at ...

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Anonymous said...

i just typed in against harper & found you.
i'm not a lezbot but i'm sure you will not take offense.
i'm a refugee experienced utter hell under this regime.
canada is 75% chrisitian which is code speak for mason which is code speak for it moves i roger or just bend over.
did anybody ask me if canada could invade iraq further? no.
did anybody ask me if i want my borders down? no.
so in 2 short years i was raped by the governments actions.
at no time would i ever participae in sending any man to invade anything.
take down somebodys personal borders, i do not know such speak. take a whole country's borders, have i been mind controlled how did i get raped into not marching & protesting?
i believe we can stop this.
in a canadian way. no fuss. mexico is third world not comprehending canada's miserable participation in all this.